The following is a short list of basic rules that all players should review before coming to our field. Please note that this list is subject to change without notice, and that referees always have the final call on any rule.

  1. Keep Your Mask On!
  2. Keep Your Mask On!
    The only place masks may be removed is inside the main staging area. This is for your safety.
  3. Keep Your Barrel Sock On!
    All players must carry a barrel sock with them at all times. Barrel socks must be used inside any deadbox area and especially the main staging area. This is for the safety of those around you. Please note that we do not allow barrel plugs anymore. If you do not have a barrel sock, you must buy one.
  4. Watch That Trigger Finger!
    If you are not on the field in an active game, there is no reason for your finger to be on your trigger. This is for the safety of those around you.
  5. No Physical Contact!
    Paintballs hurt enough, we don’t need to start swinging at each other! Fighting is not allowed, period.
  6. No Rude Language!
    Players of all ages come to Bear Claw, so please keep everything PG. Please control your mouth.
  7. No Cheating!
    Our referees are tournament players, and they will catch you. Nobody likes a cheater!
  8. No Overshooting!
    It doesn’t take 20 paintballs to get someone out. Be kind to your friends!
  9. No Blind Fire!
    Blind fire is shooting without looking at what you’re shooting at. Also, it’s not allowed.
  10. Dead Men Tell No Tales!
    If you’ve been eliminated, you are not allowed to speak to your team.
  11. Come Home With Your Shield!
    Please ask players to surrender if you wind up getting close to them. Nobody likes to be shot in the back from six feet away! All it takes is a clear, loud, “SURRENDER!
  12. …Or On It!
    Keep in mind that not everybody will surrender when asked! You may be in for trouble if you don’t keep ready.
  13. Referees Are Here For Your Safety!
    All referee decisions are final. Please respect them by not arguing with them and not shooting them. They work hard to make sure nobody gets hurt, and it’s no easy job!
  14. We Put A Lot Of Thought Into That Bunker!
    Please don’t move it.
  15. Gun Hits Do Count!
    Make a note of it.
  16. 300 Feet Per Second == 204 Miles Per Hour!
    Our cap is ~280 feet per second. Please adjust your marker accordingly.
  17. Leave Our Neighbors Out Of This!
    Do not shoot our neighbors, their houses, cars, or pets, or any wildlife, or you will be asked to leave.
  18. Breaking these rules may get you suspended from the next game or sent home at the head refs’ discretion.