The Bear Claw Club has several battlefields including;

Military combat simulation

The games are set up on a real military format which makes playing paintball even more fun. This simulation can really make you be lost in scenarios, forgetting that you are just playing a simple game of paintball.

Capturing the flag

Here we have teams in different game zones racing to capture the opponents flag and return with the flag to their base before the opposite team does the same.

Attacking and defending

In this game we have one team in a castle and defending it. The mission of the other to is to attack and be able to raise the flag in the opponents position.

Death Mach

This type of game enables each team in taking out members of the opposing team in order for them to win. This is a total annihilation type of game.

Protecting the president

A team member is nominated to be the president who is protected and escorted by the remaining team members. The objective? The opponents are to take down the president in time.

Hostile takeover

This game includes neutral targets which may include vehicles and buildings populating the game zones. Both team members are supposed to seize positions of the targets and gain points in secured targets holding them until the game is over.

Bombing the base

The centre of the game, a bomb(neutral) or an object which is similar is placed. The scenario mostly includes buildings. The opposing teams must take the bomb and through infiltrating their opponents, place the bomb at their base.

Both side bombs

This is similar to bombing the base except both teams have bombs and have to infiltrate the opposing team and plan the bomb while still defending their own camp.