About Us

Bear Claw Club have speedball fields, chronograph and netted spectator area. We also have an area for shooting range and a station for netted starters. You have the power to choose what scenarios and days to attend. We can assure you that this is a great way to make new friends. We also accommodate shift workers. All persons under 18 years must have an adult supervision. This means Paintball at Bear Claw Club can be a really good way for you to bond with your children, offering a great family and a social experience.

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Our Club

We offer training to all new customers and even experienced players at their request. We are able to teach the following.
• How to wear appropriately our safety equipment including the barrel bag, headgears, barrel sleeve etc.
• Inorder to increase chances of you and your loved ones not getting hurt, we have strict rules and responsible referees and supervisors all round.

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Even though the game is fun at aiming and shooting, we teach it's not responsible to shoot at any domesticated animals or even wildlife in the vicinity no matter how irritating or enticing it may feel. We encourage good ethics and positive behaviour at Bear Claw Club. We will teach you how to avoid and how to watch out for natural hazards which may include cliffs, animals, roots etc.• Since safety is important to us and to you too, we will teach you how and when to keep your eyes away from those valves releasing air.

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Tactical and Equipment Guides

  • What kind of shoes best for paintball?
  • Be part of the team

    The Bear Claw Paintball Club is a Recreational Association Club sharing a common love in Paintball with a desire in seeing the growth of paintball sport. Paintball is such a unique and fun game that everyone can participate in. It doesn't matter if you are experienced or not, this is a fun game for all. You may never know, it's said that the people who are experiencing the game first hand are the ones who prove to be very vital in the sports culture! That's the unvarying philosophy of the game. And if you are new in this world of paintball worry not, we have people who will assist you in every aspect of the game all the way. So don't worry. We encourage you to ask lots of questions because Paintball is such a fun activity you may find yourself addicted to it in a good way. This game at Bear Claw offers such a fair play encouraging sportsmanship in all aspects, because we value that more than winning. This game at Bear Claw Club is such a good recreational activity that will leave you laughing and having such a good time! If you ain't having a time of your life here, you will definitely be doing something wrong. The game can be played by people of all ages too, starting from 12 years. It doesn't matter if you're young or old , you will definitely enjoy your time, because it doesn't matter if you're a first-timer or not. The Paintball game at Bear Claw is so addictive you will want to definitely come back for more. We guarantee that!

    Renting services

    At Bear Claw Paintball Club, we also offer renting services if you want that rush feeling of playing paintball, but not living near our fields. By using this services, you can also enjoy your quality time with your family and your friends at the comfort of your home, lake property or your cabin. The rental package includes a 200 round hoper, a paintball mask, a barrel bag, a full refill 200z CO2 tank, and a semi automatic Tippmann 98 Paintball maker. We offer this services to people who are above 18 years, and have drivers lisence or a national identity card, including a home address and phone number. We will also require that you deposit half of our rental fees in our bank account through an imprint of a MasterCard or a Visa. We also accept cash. We will also require your full attention in order to show you how to safely operate our equipments for maximum enjoyment. It is also for your own good.

    Why wait in having fun with your friends and family? Come and visit us at Bear Claw Paintball Club and have the time of your life.